Art of the street

Yesterday was about perseverance, about surviving the jetlag. Today we awoke refreshed, albeit much later than anticipated. With the day almost approaching noon, we finally set out to see what we could see.

First things first, no matter the time … coffee. We hit up SlowMov for a delightful iced latte and a chai tea. We enjoyed the ambience of the quaint spot while we sipped our drinks, opting not to get the drinks to go.

Chilled happiness

With our minds and bodies caffeinated, we set out for some window shopping in the neighborhood. We found ourselves in such hidden gems such as Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

Needing a little sustenance, we dipped a bit deeper into the barrio off the main thoroughfare and found a wonderful little cafe, 4 Latas. I sipped a wonderful Vermut over ice, while we crushed several tapas. Little grilled jamon and gorgonzola sandwiches, jamon and manchego, and tomato bread all delightfully found their way into our stomaches.

Refueled, we jumped on the metro and headed to the La Segrera barrio to hit up the hidden gem that is Nau Bostik. This abandoned warehouse turned street art haven was outstanding. Everything is covered in beautiful murals, and artist lofts abound. As luck would have it, we had the place to ourselves. This will definitely be a highlight of this trip.

Needing another refuel, we headed to grab another coffee. After another set of metro rides, we found our way to Poblenou neighborhood and Nomad Roasters. It was siesta time, so the shop was only partially open and only serving cold brew. We then hit up Syra so Eli could grab another chai.

As we meandered down the streets back towards old town, we happened upon Parc de la Ciutadella. We enjoyed the old buildings, ponds and fountains of the park before heading for some more shopping.

Cascada Monumental

With plans for sunset agreed and time slightly against us, we headed back towards the apartment for a quick refresh. Unfortunately the maze of metro stops and confusion about the difference between metro and FGC trains had us arriving home a bit behind schedule. We also realized that Park Guell requires tickets and they were sold out for the day. Our second choice was the Bunkers of Turo de la Rovira, but by this point it would have been a tight squeeze and we likely would have missed most of sunset by the time we arrive.

This gave us the opportunity to chill and restore some energy after a day in the sun. Eventually, we headed out for dinner, making our way to the hidden gem that is Entre Hores. This tiny little spot hold all of 4 tables and a couple bar spots. We lucked out with a table and ordered up a few tapas, while I enjoyed an insanely inexpensive Negroni.

After dinner we strolled through the hood, grabbed some gelato, walked past a Gaudi building and eventually arrived back at the apartment. Another successful day concluded.

Two E’s

Eli and I always seem to find a good rhythm to our days, mixing a bit of each other’s ideas together to find a wonderful balance. Never rushed, never annoyed, the days simply are. And they are wonderful.