Feeding frenzy

After such an amazing day in the jungle, returning to the bustle of the city was a massive mental shift. Once back at the park office, we headed back towards the apartment stopping on our way to grab a couple more smoothies and a dragon fruit. We decided to just chill for a bit, recharge our bodies (the sun and heat are relentless here) and catch up on some blogging and instagramming.

Eventually our stomachs told us it was feeding time. Our whole trip was predicated around street food, and having not visited a night market yet, it was the obvious choice. We headed for the Chiang Mai Gate market. During the day, this is a mammoth open air market stocked full over anything and everything. Come evening the stalls close down and street carts and pop-ups start lining up outside the market on the main street. The night market is a veritable frenzy that overloads the senses, leaving you shell shocked and ultimately stuffed!

Everything looks and smells so amazing, it makes choosing something near impossible. We chose, unchose, decided, redecided, picked and unpicked too many times to count.

Oddly enough, our first choice ended up being a desert. Banana and chocolate Roti. Sweet and delicious!

Banana and chocolate Roti

That first choice opened up our bellies and made decisions come much quicker. What followed was a quick fire attack of papaya salad, garlic pork skewers, Isan sausage skewers, mango stick rice, more fruit smoothies, and lastly, Khanom Krok, fried coconut milk pancakes with green onions.

All mind bogglingly delicious, all devoured in seconds. Satiated, we stumbled home, gigantic smiles on our faces.