Finding Nemo

While Tuesday was spent relaxing and living the beach life, complete with massages, ear candlings, and plenty of scoot scoots, it was all in preparation for the coming days.

Wednesday found us heading for Menjangan Island, to enjoy some diving and some snorkeling. Our driver, Putu, picked us up bright and early, and we made the easy drive one hour west to West Bali National Park, where the island is located.

The crew

We then boarded a long boat and enjoyed the 40 minute ride to the island. We were dropped off at our first snorkel location while the rest of the crew headed about 10 minutes further to their dive site.

I’ve never snorkled before, so to say I was apprehensive would be an understatement. I spent the first 15 minutes getting over the mental hurdle of breathing through a foot long plastic tube. Once I conquered that it was all smiles. The coral reefs surrounding the island are finally coming back to health after years of destruction.

What we found was beautiful green coral, with hundreds and hundreds of multi-colored fish thriving amongst it. We swam with our guide, who pointed out all the different fish and sea life.

All the fish!

After about an hour we headed for the island for lunch, before boating 20 minutes to our next location. We again spent the next hour swimming amongst the most vibrant ecosystem I’ve ever seen. Simply breathtaking. Also, we found Nemo!

With our time on the island up, we made the 40 minute journey back to mainland Bali, and the hour drive back towards the villa. Along the way we stopped at the monkey temple to view the fairly aggressive monkey’s there.

Our last stop was for dinner to try the local dish, Babi Guling, or suckling pig. And boy did it deliver! The warung Putu took us to only serves the one dish, and do it well. They use every part of the pig. We were served skin, fat, meat, intestine and all the meats, along with rice and spices. Amazing.

Back at the villa, we rested a bit before everyone turned in early, knowing we had to be up at midnight for our next adventure … stay tuned!