Pause in the action

After so much activity over the last several days, along with a change in location, it was only natural that we would need to slow down at some point.

We awoke out our new spot, Villa Largo, and enjoyed a wonderful Nasi Goreng breakfast from our fantastic cook, Jayanti. After breakfast, the scooters arrived, so we took a quick review of the bikes, before several from the group headed out for a scoot.

Villa Largo

Christine and I hung back at the villa to relax a bit, then headed out on a walk towards town. We had only made it about 10 minutes down the road, when we were both absolutely drenched in sweat … the temps here at sea level are much, much higher than in the hills around Ubud.

We decided to turn around and head back to the villa. Once arrived we cooled off a bit, and then decided to take our scoot out for a spin. I’ve driven scooters before, but its been a few years. I took a quick spin down the road and back to re-acclimate myself. We then headed out towards the town of Lovina.

We scooted east for about 30 minutes, arriving in Lovina, and finding a quaint bakery, Lovina Bakery to enjoy an iced latte and the local alcohol, made from rice, called Arak. I would describe it as a slightly sweet vodka.

At this point, we headed back towards the villa, but not before stopping at one of the several chains of fried chicken spots, ACK Fried Chicken. Let’s just say that the colonel hasn’t done a very good job keep the secret recipe, secret. I ordered a combo meal that included a fried chicken breast, rice and a Yoo-hoo type chocolate drink called Milo. Coming in at under $2.00 it was a steal.

ACK Fried Chicken

We made one last stop on the way at a local grocery store to pick up a few snacks, and a small bottle of the previously mentioned Arak. Everything in Bali is super cheap, but one thing that is not is liquor. A 750ml bottle of Grey Goose was going for $1.75 MILLION IDR, or about $122.00 USD.

Back at the villa, we resumed chilling out as we waited for the rest of the gang to return from their adventures. We swam in the pool and kept it mellow.

About 7pm we headed down the road to Bora Bora restaurant for dinner, then headed out for a night scoot to get some more fried chicken, this time at JFC (Jaya Fried Chicken). We also stopped for some more deep fried banana treats. Once home we enjoyed the snacks with a few Bintang’s and then called it a night.