Sitting on top of the world

Today our route took us through the high plains of north eastern Iceland. From Akureyri to Fáskrúðsfjörður, in the east fjords. Travel was slowing going at times, and downright impossible at others. Through it all, we were shown glimpses of the wonder and beauty that is this country.

We enjoyed stops at Godafoss (yes, again), and Námafjall, to take in the bubbling pots of mud rising from deep within the Earth’s core.

There were moments of white knuckled peril, and moments of laughter. We started and ended at sea level at the base of different fjords, but in between we crossed some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever witnessed.

Driving on top of the world

Snow for as far as the eye could see, mountain peaks that touched the sky, and the idea that we were at the top of the world.