Slow your roll

With all the changes in itinerary, today we backtracked about an hour and a half to the second largest borg in the country, Akureyri (Akoo – rare – eee). We knew going to sleep last night that weather was approaching from the north, and that roads might be interesting today. The roads were exactly that … interesting.

Spots of snow blowing so hard that it was a whiteout, to patches of ice ready send you off the road with a moments notice, to pavement keeping large snowflakes from taking hold. Two hands on the wheel at all times, and eyes on the road!

We did take a moment to stop at Godafoss, proclaimed “Iceland’s most beautiful waterfall.” It was snowing pretty good when we arrived, and the wind had a certain gust to it. The water was as blue as you’ll ever see, and the falls were gorgeous, despite the near whiteout conditions.

After a few mountain passes, traversed at the speed of a two wheel drive Camp Easy camper (some people can’t and shouldn’t drive in snow), we arrived in the quaint city of Akureyri.

Knowing we had an entire day in a small city tomorrow, we did our best not to explore the entire town today. We rocked up at a wonderful bookstore/cafe, enjoyed a latte, and took in the afternoon. After that we partook in the happy hour at our hotel, then headed to our reservation at Rub23.

The day offered a respite from the frenetic pace of travel we’ve been on over the last week, and will allow us to recharge before our next week of exploration.