The only rule is it begins

Here I sit, alone, in an airport lounge in Atlanta waiting for the plane that will take me across the pond and into the great unknown. My mind wanders far and wide, awake with possibility. Nothing behind me but memories, nothing ahead but memories yet made.

My brain swirls with so many wonderful quotes from all the books read over the last year since I made this decision. It feels like my brain is thinking quotations, unable to formulate its own thoughts.

The world is perfectly sized. Too big to explore it all, but small enough to try.
Jedidiah Jenkins, Like Streams to the Ocean

This one feels extremely apropos in this moment, encompassing all I'm feeling. The vast wonder of our planet coupled with my excitement in trying to see it all. I was not a great college student, but if there was ever a time to "give it the ole college try," it is now.

But more than just places, I seek connections. I'm so excited to meet all my new friends. People that have been waiting for the right moment to enter my life.

Lately, my thoughts have ruminated on how much of my life has been shaped by four dudes from Vermont. Their music has brought me so much ... travels, stories, memories and most importantly, friends. The natural progression of this is to look forward and dream of all the new places, memories and people to come.

My mind swirls again, so full of inquiry, too many to catelog or process. And for now, that's OK. There will be plenty of time for that now, in fact, all the time. This brings me untold happiness. I now have an abundance of the world's ultimate currency ... time. Time and the ability to choose how to spend it.

In this moment, as I call time on these last moments in the US, I'm struck by these words from my four favorite nerds from Vermont, and leave them with you now.

You decide what it contains How long it goes but this remains The only rule is it begins Happy happy oh my friend
Phish, Backwards Down the Number Line