What's with this weather?

Just had to quickly post about this “phenomenon.” I’ve been somewhat obsessing over it since we left Reykjavik last week.

There is absolutely no good way to give an accurate weather report in this country. Granted most weather-people can’t get it right very often, but the chances here are basically nil.

While they do have to excellent websites that show weather (http://en.vedur.is/) and road conditions(http://www.road.is/), which anyone traveling in Iceland should use, even the hourly reports they use aren’t frequent enough. There have been so many times where the reports showed clear skies and great roads, only for us to find blustery snow and sketchy roads … and vise versa, poor report with beautiful weather.


The weather can change in less than five minutes. You can blink and its different. From snow to sun, sleet to showers. Its incredible, and incredibly difficult to gauge what your day or drive will be like.

Each little börg in this country needs to post a real-time report of its current weather conditions.

We will be posting a compilation video of all the different driving conditions we experienced in our two weeks here.