All good things come to an end

So the end of our Icelandic adventure is nigh. Our last full day in country was spent walking around Reykjavik seeing anything we may have missed and revisiting our favorites.

It was also the poorest day in terms of weather, as the wind howled at around 20-30 mph and the rain was relentless. In between we managed to walk another 10 miles around the city.

DesignMarch, the world’s largest design conference started yesterday, so we took in a few of its exhibits. We spent some time at Harpa, went to our favorite coffee house (Reykjavik Roasters) and the best bakery in Iceland (Braud & Co).

We finished up some gift shopping, had some down time, and then enjoyed a glorious dinner at Dill Restaurant. This meal would be my first ever at a Michelin starred restaurant, and it did not disappoint! Seven wonderful courses of Icelandic cuisine, my favorite being the smoked haddock with potato puree and dill oil.