Everything changes

Ok, so a day late on yesterday’s recap. It was a super long day and exhaustion made concentrating to write impossible.

The day started early, when I heard a fisherman whistling down on the docks outside our hotel. Going to bed the night before, the weather wasn’t great, but when I looked out in the morning, it was nothing but glorious morning light. The sun was basking the surrounding fjord with that special light that all photographers crave. I literally leapt out of bed to get out to the docks to grab the light before it was gone.

After enjoying a wonderful breakfast of waffles, eggs, dried fruits and croissants, we headed out down the coast of the Eastfjords.

We hadn’t even made it around the tip of the first fjord of the day, when the scenery begged us to stop and soak it in. After days in the north, surrounded by white, powdery snow, seeing green mosses was a welcome sight.

The morning was spent driving the coast and stopping at every beautiful pull-off the road provided. And the views varied so incredibly … from waves crashing on cliffs to craggy rocks to waters so still they reflected like mirrors.

By mid-afternoon, we had finally arrived at Höfn, the Langoustine capital of the north! And it was delicious! The bisque was amazing, and the tails melted like butter in your mouth.

The we continued on towards our final destination, the four star Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon. But before that we had to make a stop at the glacier lagoon, and the famed diamond beach.

A full day, an excellent day, and arguably our best day yet!