Gastronomically speaking

With a full day under our belts to get our bearings, day two promised to fill our hearts and minds, but most certainly our stomaches. We had booked lunch at the other Michelin starred restaurant here in Ubud, Locavore, and anticipation ran high.

Before that however, I needed coffee and so I made the 10 minute walk to my “regular” spot, Seniman. They already know me there and I feel like a regular. After a cappuccino, I grabbed a cold brew to go and headed back to the villa for breakfast with the crew. The rest of the morning was spent in the pool and on the patio.

My spirit animal … Bali vibes

We power walked to Locavore, where we would spend the next FOUR hours indulging in some of the best bites of food I’ve ever encountered. Technically, we signed up for a nine course tasting menu, but the reality was that it was more than 15!

The meal started with a flower offering to the Hindu gods. We were then instructed to eat the flowers. Hidden underneath the flowers was a welcome message where we were asked to choose which of the coursed menus we wanted to choose. After making our menu choices, we were then guided through five amuse bouche courses.

After that the courses really started to flow, weaving through so many ingredients I’ve never heard of that I lost count. Each course was paired with a specialty drink, though thankfully not all were alcoholic.

As we reached the end of the menu, we became increasingly thankful as our bellies were simply stuffed. But as with the beginning of the meal, the end of the menu did not mean the end of the food. Several additional desert courses were produced before, mercifully, the meal came to an end.

In order to repel the feelings of explosion, we decided to take in the
Campuhan Ridge Walk. As the name would suggest, its a path on the top of a ridge that has two gorgeous valleys, one on either side. The walk isn’t long or strenuous, and provides beautiful views of the surround green landscape.

Ridge Walk

As we reached the end of the walk, the daily afternoon rain started in. Not the torrential downpour we had the other day, just enough to temporarily cool us off. We headed back towards the villa, and as the rain stopped, the humidity escalated, and we found ourselves drenched with sweat.

We arrived back at the villa around 6pm, took a dip in the pool, and discussed the idea of going out again. But with our belly’s still full and our legs weary, we opted to relax and fade off to sleep far too early in the night.