He shops till I drop

Waking up to no rain makes one happy. The rain must have taken something out of us because Eli couldn’t be woken this morning. So I let him sleep, instead walking around the corner to Coffee Collective once again. With morning delight secured, we took some time to prepare for the days adventures.

First up was breakfast at Cafe Taxa, which as it turns out is sister cafe to Pixie which we visited on Sunday. Fun fact: Taxa is located in an old taxi station, and the wifi password is taxidriver. Eli had a more traditional fare of eggs, bacon and avocado, while I tried something called The Favorite. It was something akin to a morning tomato stew with celery, carrots, and sausage, topped with avocado and a perfectly fried egg.

Cafe Taxa brunch

From brunch, we headed north to seek out Voodoo streetware. This would prove to be as far from the city center as we would get, and the quaint shopping areas and cafes gave way to a more working class vibe … and a lot more cars.

From there, we made our way to a bike stand and then down into old town again for, you guessed it … more shopping. This was decision day, when all options would be exhausted, every shop finally visited and perhaps even some purchases!

We hit up some really great shops including Rezet, Wood Wood and Acne Studios. In the midst of the sneaker hunt, we found ourselves near the Round Tower, and what we had missed the day before, Døp, Danish hotdogs! I had read that the Danes were as serious about their hotdogs as Icelanders were, so I was excited to compare. They certainly didn’t disappoint, but I think I still prefer the Icelandic dogs.

Round Tower

Eventually, we needed a respite so we wandered over to Forloren Espresso for a latte and hot chocolate. We also got our first glimpse of Nyhavn, the picturesque canal harbor synonymous with Copenhagen, which we hope to visit tomorrow.

With the shopping escapades all wrapped up, we simply wandered the streets for a bit, taking in the charm and mellow vibe of the city. Relaxed and never hurried, this city just goes at its own pace. Even during our bike ride back to the flat, during “rush hour,” we never got the sense that anyone was in a hurry to get where they were going. While the volume of people easily quadrupled, everyone still followed the traffic laws, no one was pushy and everyone gave room for everyone else. Its a wonderful feeling, and likely the thing I’ll miss most about Copenhagen.

Rush hour

Arriving back at the flat, we took our time plotting the next move. We chilled for a bit before our stomach’s told us it was time for dinner. After some careful consideration, we landed on Bæst, one of the “it” spots in town. Pizzas made from all local and fresh ingredients, many coming from their own farm just outside the city. We ended up sat next to a wonderful group from the UK. Girlfriend and brother, visiting his sister who had moved to Copenhagen nine months earlier. Some good banter, laughs and great pizza later, we made our way back to the flat via ice cream and a perhaps slightly spooky walk through the cemetery in the dark.