Icelandic Roadtrip Beginnings

Today we said goodbye to the urban comforts of Reykjavik and set out into the Icelandic wilderness. We are headed north to our first “must see”, Kirkjufell, or the Wizards Hat. The city quickly gave way to massive fjords and scenic open spaces. A few wrong turns here and there, led us to discover sour apple sparkling water… pretty darn tasty!

Keeping it leisurely, we made some unexpected stops to enjoy the sights. The quaint little town of Borgarnes, with its epic views and beautiful sculpture. A stop at the top of a mountain pass left us windswept, and for the first time, kind of chilly.

Once on the other side, we made our way to Grundarfjör∂ur, home to the Wizards Hat. After spending some time taking photos and checking in at our farmstead AirBnb, we ate a spectacular meal at the most charming restaurant, Bjargar-stein. A bowl of mussels the size of my head, freshly caught and red fish… both amazing.

As far as travel days go, it was pretty amazing!