Paradise found

With a full nights sleep in our systems, we awoke early … partially because of the travel, partially from all the noises from the wildlife just outside our door. A symphony of birds, lizards and insects slowly grew to a cacophonous crescendo gently forcing us from our slumber.

Villa Matha – home for the week

After a brief awakening and quick photoshoot of the sunrise around our villa, I headed down the road to one of my most anticipated moments for this trip … Balinese coffee at Seniman Coffee!

And boy did this place deliver! I started with an espresso and while I savored every last drop in my cup, ordered two cold press coffee’s to go. Both were brewed in the glass method, one was the house blend while the other was Balinese natural, which is an unwashed. Wow, oh wow! These cold brews blew my doors off! So delicious, but oh so powerful. The caffeine in coffee doesn’t usually affect me, but boy, did these drinks amp me up!

Espresso at Seniman Coffee

Now fully awake, I made the trek back to the villa in time to enjoy the complimentary breakfast made and provide by our Airbnb hosts. Balinese fried rice, fried eggs and fresh fruit. Absolutely delicious, and the perfect fuel for exploring the town for the day.

We found our way down into city center and wander around Ubud for the better part of the day. Vibrantly colored open air markets, the shops, coffee shops and restaurants line the narrow streets. Scooters buzz about relentlessly and the aromas of deliciousness waft through the air. Eventually we found ourselves near the Monkey Forest, but opted not to enter, perhaps coming back later in the week.

Contemplating his day

After indulging in the local street food, and with the rain clouds starting to gather, we started back towards the villa. Within moments, the skies opened up and the rain started to come down. To escape the rain, we dipped back into Seniman for a few snacks before walking the final leg back to the villa. Upon arrival, we enjoyed a quick dip in the pool before the rain turned torrential, and the thunder and lightening forced us inside.

With the rain still pouring, we ordered a taxi to take us to Mozaic, the first of two Michelin starred restaurants here in Ubud. Upon arrival, we were seated in the lounge and imbibed in the first of many cocktails. Once our table was prepared, we were led through an eight course tasting menu fit for the king.

With our bellies extremely full, we all sat nearly silent in the taxi back home, the only discussion being whether a swim was in order. Once home, nary a word was spoken as we all slip silently into our rooms to sleep, a full day in paradise complete.