Ticking the boxes

After spending the entirety of the trip out in the wild of Iceland, we’ve reached an area chock full of wonderful natural amazements. Unfortunately, we’ve also found the tourist zone. The amount of people we are experiencing at each stop has increased ten fold in the last two days.

For the last week we’ve had the luxury at every stop of having no more than five people around us. Today at Skogafoss, there were easily 50 – 75 people. And I also know this is the “off season.”

On top of that, the number of spots to stop at and things we “must see” have increased dramatically. At a certain point today I felt like I was simply ticking the boxes on a checklist of “what to do and see in Iceland.” I hate this feeling.

Ultimately, I do fear for how the country will handle being one of the “it” places to visit in the world. The infrastructure is woefully inadequate in many parts of the country. The number of tourists arriving even in the offseason seems staggering for a country that just a few years ago was quiet all the time.

All that said, it was still a beautiful day spent in a most beautiful country. And we certainly saw some of the best it has to offer.