Too good to pass up

When Eli and I decided to take an impromptu father/son trip, the first question was “where to?” A couple hours later, a Thrifty Traveler (seriously, if you’re not using them, you really should) deal came across that was too good to pass up. Our choice of 15 European cities for an amazing price. I handed the list to Eli, and he immediately said, “Copenhagen!” So it was booked immediately, and less than 6 weeks later, we were off!

Our journey had us briefly stopping in Iceland, but sadly, not long enough to enjoy any of its beauty and charm. Eli was mesmerized as we flew in, and says he wants to come back and explore.

After a short layover, a short flight, and a quick metro ride, we arrived at our quaint Airbnb in Frederiksberg, a wonderful neighborhood in the city. We took a moment to settle in and rest, then decided to walk the neighborhood and see what we could see. Unfortunately, mother nature had plans, and the skies opened into a downpour! We took refuge in a shopping mall, and Eli took the opportunity to do some shopping. Eventually we decided to just hoof it back to the flat, and arrived nice and drenched. We waited for the storm to die down at a near by bakery, Det Rene Brød, and enjoyed some wonderful pastries.

After the rain subsided, we ventured over to the Nørrebro neighborhood to grab some dinner. We attempted Bæst, but the pizza joint was too hip and the wait too long. So we walked down the street to Hooked Seafood Kitchen and enjoyed a wonderful meal, Fish & Chips and an Asian Lobster roll, with a delightful Strawberry Gin Fizz.

Fish & chips, and lobster roll

Bellies full, we took the long way home and simply lost ourselves in the neighborhood, enjoying random streets and a cemetery that felt more like a park (turns out, Hans Christen Andersen is buried there).

The last bit of an exhausting first day was spent prepping and planning for the next day. With day one in the books, our weary minds were no match for our comfy pillows.

20,139 steps, 10.03 miles.