Urban Exploring

Another all action day in the city. Rising early meant great light, great coffee, and great pastries. We stepped through virtually every neighborhood and found both busy streets and quiet moments. Parks, gardens, lakes, monuments, cemeteries and the Old Harbor were also taken in.

We spotted several of the infamous Reykjavik cats that roam freely through the city. Much street art was captured, and the weather remained beautiful.

We tasted some of the traditional specialties of Iceland… think fermented shark fin, puffin and whale. The puffin and whale are some of the best things I’ve tasted here… the fermented shark however, well lets just say my stomach rejected the notion.

Highlights of the day include wandering the harbor near our AirBnb, and our stroll around and over Reykjavikurtjorn Lake.

Today’s Stats: 25,653 steps, 13.61 miles, 613% of goal