Arrival by Survival

Well now, that was some flight!

Our itinerary took us from Chicago to Taipei to Chiang Mai. Leg one was a marathon 15 hour, 29 minute flight. We were blessed to be flying on the wonderful Eva Air, and even managed to be on their famed Hello Kitty plane. Everything is branded with HK, from literature to utensils, and including the barf bag!

While it was an extremely long flight, and I did have a few moments where I didn’t think I could take being in a metal tube hurtling through the sky any longer, in the end it pretty tolerable. We were well fed, with three good meals, had plenty of decent movies to watch, and were able to catch quite a decent amount of sleep.

Upon arrival in Taiwan, we had a decent two hour layover which we spent in the wonderfully appointed Premier Plaza lounge. After a delicious early morning bowl of congee, we boarded the next plane for the four hour flight to Chiang Mai.

All-in-all, what looked like a dreadfully long lost day of travel was survived and we arrived at 10:30am ready to tackle our first day of adventures here in Thailand.